Men & Boys

If you are searching ‘barber near me’, you can also come into Proper Cuts Hair Salon. Along with our beard trimming, Proper Cuts Hair Salon offers a variety of hair services for men to help you get the results that you are looking for.


Scissor Cut

Fade  with Part


Men's Haircut. 20

Boy's Haircut. 19

Toddlers. 20

Military. 19

Shampoo. 3

Buzz  or Side buzz. 14.99

Hard Part, Skin Fade. 22

Brow Wax with Haircut. 10


Beard Trim with Haircut.10

Beard Trim & Shaping.15

Men's Color

5min Color. 35

Regular Color. 50

Highlights. 50+

Perm. 65+


Top Perm. 65+

Full Perm. 85+

Proper Cuts Hair Salon Anchorage AK
Proper Cuts

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Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 10am-630pm

Saturday,Sunday: 10am-600pm


2001 East 88th Ave, Unit 102A

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